Backyard Deck Ideas on a Budget

While excellent architecture and a well-designed front yard are important, you should explore other ways of making your home stand out. Adding a cozy backyard deck allows you to spend time with friends and family outdoors. A beautiful deck also increases your house’s curb appeal, adds landscaping value, and increases your equity on the property. Unfortunately, there’s a common misconception that you spend a fortune to build a deck. However, this isn’t entirely true, as you can leverage various backyard deck ideas on a budget. Below are some backyard small deck ideas on a budget you should know.

How Much Does Building a Deck Cost?

The total cost of deck construction depends on various factors. According to the Cost vs. Value report by Remodeling Magazine, professionally built decks cost $14,360 on average for wooden decks. The survey also found that professionally constructed composite decks cost $19,856. However, a contradicting report by the U.S Census Survey found that some homeowners spend $2500 on their backyard decks. Generally, the cost of deck installation varies considerably. It depends on the size, materials used, deck building contractor, decorations used, and where you live. Knowing these costs beforehand can help you control the price.

backyard deck ideas on a budget

Backyard Deck Ideas for Homeowners on a Budget

1. Plan Deck Installation

Before you begin the installation process, you should extensively plan deck installation and identify how you can reduce construction costs. To begin, you should know your limits. Decks, like basement and bathroom remodels, are a permanent addition to a home. Therefore, you should learn various zoning and local building codes that guide the size and scope of deck construction.

You should also consider deck maintenance. Composite decks and decks made from synthetic materials cost more to construct and less to maintain, which makes them cheaper over time. Your plan should also outline the budget, which should be guided by mist-haves and wants on the deck. You should design a deck that fits the size of your house. A small, simple deck won’t look good in a large, luxuriously designed home.

2. Build a Floating Deck

Also called freestanding decks, they are easier and more affordable to build. Floating decks are perfect low-budget backyard deck ideas on a budget for homeowners with limited materials and backyard space. They are also a favorite for homeowners who don’t want to engage in lengthy approval processes, as you don’t need a building permit to install them. They can also be constructed anywhere in the backyard.

3. Add Benches

Benches are the most preferred seats for outdoor decks. If you like spending time with your family outdoors, benches are a stylish and affordable addition to the backyard deck. You shouldn’t necessarily pick the most expensive benches, and DIY homeowners can even design them. You also get to choose from various sizes, shapes, and designs. Unlike other seating arrangements, benches provide an extensive sitting space, and you can host parties, dinners, and other summer events.

4. Use Alternative Materials to Cover Your Deck

Most deck roofs are made from wood, whose prices have recently skyrocketed. However, you shouldn’t necessarily use wood to cover your decks. The best and most affordable covering option is constructing the base using wood coupled with plastic panels, such as a pergola. Covering your deck with a pergola is a cheap alternative that offers excellent protection and aesthetic value.

5. Decorate Your Deck with Plants

Most homeowners looking for tips on how to build a backyard deck cheap start by putting off the idea of decorating their decks. However, you shouldn’t spend much to decorate your backyard decks. Using plants to decorate your deck is an inexpensive and overly beneficial option. Apart from decorating the deck, plants and flowers can convert your deck into a small garden. This makes your modest furniture on the deck look warm and inviting.

6. Be Creative with the Lighting

Getting creative with deck lighting is another budget-friendly deck idea. You can freshen up and improve the appearance of your deck simply by adding lights. Fortunately, you have several affordable options to choose from. This includes string lights, in-stair or in-floor lights, lanterns, and outdoor chandeliers.


Remodeling or building a backyard deck is an excellent idea. However, you shouldn’t spend a fortune on this project by choosing expensive materials and exotic designs. Creating a budget and using inexpensive materials is the best way to limit your construction cost. You should also hire a contractor who understands your needs. The above tips can help you build a cozy and classy backyard deck. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about backyard decks.

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