Concrete Pool Deck Ideas

If you recently purchased a property with a pool or intend to build a backyard pool, you should learn about various concrete pool deck ideas to make your pool inviting and enjoyable. From your choice of furniture and pool deck color ideas, there are a lot of modern concrete pool deck ideas that can improve your pool’s appearance and functionality.

Most decks for above-ground pools are made from wood, while concrete is the material of choice for most in-ground pools. Concrete pool decks are beneficial in many ways. Below are concrete pool deck ideas to consider for your pool.

General Concrete Pool Deck Design Ideas

As mentioned, concrete decks are excellent for in-ground pools. Concrete is durable and requires less maintenance than wood decks. Before constructing or renovating your pool, you should consider the following ideas for concrete pool deck designs:

  • Pool deck landscaping – designate some space for plants and shrubs that complement your backyard oasis.
  • Pool deck patio – ensure there is enough space for seats, tables, and other deck furniture ideas in your backyard.
  • Pool deck lighting – use creative lighting ideas, such as solar lights, to create unique lighting ideas in your pool deck.
  • Pool deck kitchen and bar – if there’s enough space, your design should include an outdoor kitchen and bar.
  • Pool deck privacy – you might need to install exterior walls or pergolas to provide some privacy.

If your backyard has enough space and your budget isn’t limited, you should consider these pool deck designs.

concrete pool deck ideas

Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing Ideas

Pool deck resurfacing is an excellent option for those who want to repair damaged concrete decks. Traditional concrete coatings are unattractive and prone to cracking and chipping. During resurfacing, professional deck contractors pour modern concrete coating on top of the existing concrete pool deck. Unlike other renovation processes, the existing deck doesn’t have to be demolished.

Concrete coatings for resurfacing are used to create different deck surface textures. However, you should choose a resurfacing coating that assures the following:

  • Repairs or fills in the cracks and chips
  • It is durable and not prone to cracking and chipping
  • It has a non-slip texture to prevent slips and falls
  • It doesn’t absorb a lot of heat from the sun
  • Tinted in a color that matches your deck design

Concrete Pool Deck Paint Ideas

Painting your pool deck is an excellent way to refresh a faded deck or update its appearance. However, before you get down to the project, you should explore various concrete pool deck color ideas. Below are a few ideas for pool deck paint:

How to Paint Concrete Pool Deck

While you should consult paint manufacturers or hire professionals, the following tips can help you paint your pool deck correctly:

  • Prepare the surface – the deck surface should be clean and free from dirt and debris before painting. Preparing includes pressure cleaning the surface to ensure that the paint adheres strongly.
  • Prime the surface with epoxy – follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply epoxy to the deck surface. Ensure that your garden sprinklers are off and it doesn’t rain before the epoxy dries.
  • Use a roller to apply paint – you should choose paint specifically made for pool decks. Use a roller to spread out the paint evenly. Always consult the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow the first coat to dry properly before applying the second coat.
  • Apply a concrete sealer – concrete sealer protects the paint and ensures it shines through. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions as well and let it dry properly.

Which are the Best Pool Deck Color Options?

Most homeowners often get it wrong when choosing their pool deck colors. While most pool deck colors are available in neutral colors, such as grey, white, brown, and tan, there are endless options to consider. Below are a few pool deck color options to consider for your pool:

  • Tan/brownstone color – they give a natural and earthy feeling.
  • Red/brown color – best for homes with brick exteriors
  • White-shaded colors – they eco the beach and absorb less heat
  • Greystone colors – they give a modern look

You can consult professionals on other color options. The key is using a color that complements your home’s exterior and backyard.


When designing pool decks, the material, color, and design are important because most people walk barefoot. The surface should not be slippery, easy to walk on, and heat resistant. You should consider the design ideas mentioned above to improve the appearance and functionality of your pool deck. Contact us for more details about pool deck ideas.

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