Knowledge Guide for Deck & Home Building

Enjoy the exquisite service of Brewer Built LLC, your neighborhood custom deck and home building experts! With over 25 years of experience, we take pride in turning your dreams into a reality. 

Looking to create the perfect outdoor oasis? Want to enjoy the outdoors year-round? Even if you’re looking for a complete home transformation – find out how we make sure you are receiving exactly what you’re seeking! As general contractors who truly care about our client’s vision, we cover all cities around Lake Minnetonka in the Twin Cities area, including Deephaven, Excelsior, Wayzata, and many more! Look for all our service areas here on this page. 

Check out the informative blogs from this knowledge page – everything from deck design tips & tricks, and builder insights, to choosing the right materials. We help homeowners like you gain valuable knowledge throughout their building journey.

Custom Deck Builder

Best Deck Builder Services

Unlock your dream outdoor space with the finest deck builder services. Transforming visions into stunning reality.

  • Custom Patios  – Transform your Minnetonka outdoor space with stunning custom patios. Expert design and craftsmanship for your dream outdoor retreat.
  • Screen Rooms  – Transform your Minnetonka space with elegant screen rooms. Enjoy outdoor living while staying protected. Contact us for expert design and installation.
  • 3 & 4 Season Porch  – Experience year-round comfort & style with our 3 & 4 season porches in Minnetonka. Enjoy the outdoors, no matter the weather.
  • Home Remodeling  – Transform your space with expert home remodeling in Minnetonka. Enhance aesthetics and functionality.
  • General Contractor  – Expert general contractor in Minnetonka. Transform your spaces with top-quality construction and remodeling services. 
  • New Custom Home Builder  – Discover your dream home with our expert New Custom Home Builders. We craft unique, quality residences tailored to your vision.
  • Bathroom Remodels  – Transform your space with expert bathroom remodels in Minnetonka. Upgrade your comfort and style.
  • Kitchen Remodels  – Transform your Minnetonka kitchen with expert remodels. Create the space you’ve dreamed of with our professional team.

Guide For The Best Deck Builder

Your ultimate companion in choosing the top deck builder. Expert insights and tips to create your perfect outdoor haven.

  • Brick Patio Ideas – Looking for creative brick patio ideas? Discover how to transform your outdoor space with versatile designs and timeless appeal. Read on for inspiration!
  • Difference between Patio and Porch – Want to know the difference between patio and porch? Discover the key distinctions, factors to consider when choosing, and whether having both is ideal!
  • 3 Season Porch Decorating Ideas – Transform your space with 3 season porch decorating ideas. Embrace year-round charm & comfort. Discover inspiration for your outdoor haven. Read more!
  • Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas Discover the best horizontal deck railing ideas for a stunning home upgrade. Enhance value with unique designs. Explore the pros and cons in our guide!
  • Deck Privacy Ideas – Discover 10 creative deck privacy ideas to transform your outdoor space. Get inspired and create a private oasis you’ll love that can add value! Learn more!
  • How Much Does a General Contractor Charge?Everything you need to know about how much does a general contractor charge. Hourly rates or fixed rates, also factors that affect charges. Read more!
  • Hire A General Contractor – Simplify projects, reduce stress. Find and hire a skilled general contractor for your construction and renovation needs.
  • Why Hire a General Contractor?  – Discover the benefits of hiring a skilled general contractor. Save time, money, and hassle on your project. 
  • How to Find General Contractor?  – Discover expert tips on finding a reliable general contractor for your project.
  • Home Improvement Contractor vs. General Contractor – Discover the differences: Home Improvement Contractors vs. General Contractors. Choose the right expertise for your project. Learn more now.
  • Deck Cover Ideas on a Budget – Transform your deck affordably with creative cover ideas. Discover budget-friendly solutions for stylish outdoor spaces.
  • Deck Hand Railing Ideas – Discover creative deck hand railing ideas to enhance safety and style. Explore unique designs for a stunning outdoor space.
  • General Contractor vs Project Manager – Explore the key differences between General Contractors and Project Managers. Make informed decisions for your construction projects.
  • What Does A General Contractor Do – Discover the role of a general contractor: From project management to skilled trades, learn how experts oversee successful construction projects.
  • Tips For Building a New Home – Discover essential tips for crafting your dream home. Expert guidance on building a new home that suits your vision and lifestyle.
  • How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Home? – Discover home remodeling timelines: From planning to completion. Get insights on factors influencing project duration. Start your renovation journey now.
  • How to Finance a Home Remodel? – Discover smart ways to finance your home remodel. Learn about loans, options & tips for successful renovation projects.
  • Home Remodeling Tips – Transform your space with expert home remodeling tips. Maximize value and style. Get started today for a stunning new look!
  • How Long Does It Take To Build A New Home? – Discover the timeline for crafting your dream home. Learn how long it takes to build a new house from start to finish. Expert insights and tips.
  • Small Home Remodel Ideas – Transform your space with creative small home remodel ideas. Maximize style and function in every corner. Discover inspiring solutions today!
  • How to Finance a New Home Build – Discover smart ways to finance your new home build. Expert tips for securing funds and making your dream home a reality.
  • How to Find the Right Custom Home Builder – Discover expert tips for choosing the perfect custom home builder to craft your dream new home. Ensure a seamless journey with our guidance.
  • Questions to Ask General Contractors – Discover crucial queries to vet general contractors. Ensure a successful hire with our essential questions guide. Make informed decisions today!
  • Construction Management Vs. General Contractor – Explore key differences: Construction Management vs. General Contractor. Learn roles, responsibilities, and benefits. Make informed choices.
  • Checklist for Building a New Home – Plan your dream home with our comprehensive checklist. Expert tips for a seamless new home construction process.
  • Ultimate Home Remodel Checklist – Plan your dream home transformation with our comprehensive Ultimate Home Remodel Checklist. Streamline your project for success.
  • Importance of a Qualified General Contractor in Deck Building – Discover the crucial role of a skilled general contractor in crafting exceptional decks. Elevate your project with expert guidance today.
  • Budget and Timeline for a Custom Deck Project – Plan your custom deck with ease! Discover expert insights on budgeting & timelines for your project. Create your dream outdoor space today.
  • Outdoor Screen Room Ideas – Transform your space with creative outdoor screen room ideas. Enhance comfort and style. Discover inspiring designs today!
  • How to Build a Screen Room – Learn expert tips for crafting your own screen room oasis. Discover step-by-step guidance on building your dream space today!
  • Pool Deck Furniture Ideas – Transform Your Pool Area with Stylish Deck Furniture! Browse Trendy Ideas for Comfort & Elegance. Create Your Ultimate Outdoor Oasis Today!
  • Deck Decor Ideas on a Budget – Transform your deck with budget-friendly decor ideas. Create a stylish outdoor space without breaking the bank. Discover inspiration today!
  • Backyard Deck Ideas on a Budget – Transform your outdoor space with creative backyard deck ideas on a budget. Discover affordable design tips for a stunning and functional deck.
  • Concrete Pool Deck Ideas – Dive into inspiring concrete pool deck ideas for a stunning outdoor oasis. Discover designs that blend beauty and functionality. Make a splash today!
  • Deck Ideas Above Ground Pool – Discover inspiring deck ideas for your above-ground pool oasis. Transform your outdoor space with creative designs and functional solutions.